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Remote Desktop assistance, Computer repairs and Computer maintenance'

Remote Desktop: I can fix your Windows 7, 8 and 10 computer system for you, on-line while you watch. Wherever you are in the world. Through high speed Internet access I can check your system for all sorts of nasties and speed your computer up. Fill in your Name and Email in this form or call us and we will send you a little program. It allows us to enter your computer when you run it.

The program is initiated by the person that shares his desktop: Easy to click to initiate the connection. It uses encryption so no-one on the Internet can see what is done other than you and me.
The program can only connect to my office PC. No incoming connections, no unattended service connection. Program is automatically and systematically uninstalled when the connection is closed.


Remote Computer help, How is that possible? How does that work?

Quite simple: Request a session by phone or email and you will get a small program to run on your computer.
We initiate a phone or Skype voice connection.
The program generates an ID and a password. You give both to me over the voice line. Now your computer is connected with my computer and I can also see your desktop, and I can also control your keyboard and mouse. Every time you start the program you have to give me your ID and the new password again. At no time I can control your computer without your request.

Frequently asked questions:

Can you see all my files when we are connected?
Answer: Yes, I see as much as you see on your computer, so that I can advice you and perform computer help optimally for you.


Is that not dangerous in relation to hackers or so?
Answer: No, the program only connects to my computer and keeps you informed of the correct connection. The connection between us in properly enqrypted.


If the connection is finished do you keep access to my computer?
Answer: No, The moment we are finished and the connection is broken the program removes itself from your computer memory, nothing remains. The program itself can simply be deleted if you wish or kept for another session.


If I see you doing something on my computer I don’t want you to do?
Answer: We are in voice contact during the session, you just tell me. If so desired you can end our session at any time by clicking on close. You keep control over your computer.


Can you make my computer faster that way?
Answer: Usually yes, Your computer gets slow because of all sort of causes. Unless your computer is extremely slow I can usually investigate and repair that cause. That all while you are watching your screen an can ask questions.


Remote Desktop is fully safe and the solution for wherever remote you live.

Payment is easy direct on-line on this website. Phone me for all the information.



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