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Freelance Systeembeheer

Dear visitor, wimvosmay I introduce myself: my name is Wim Vos and I am your independent professional Freelance system administrator for Microsoft® Windows® computer systems (Windows 10 and server  2012) and Ubuntu Linux.

As such I have worked for the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) in Heteren, the Dutch railways (NS) in Utrecht and Pluryn Werkenrode Group in Oosterbeek.

January 2005 I started my own company with Computer assistance and Freelance System Management for companies and individuals in the Netherlands.

As Freelance systems management for companies Wim Vos Automatisering has grown into a vital link in the region. For medium-sized and smaller organizations (SMEs) it is often undoable to employ a full-time system administrator.

Therefore, it is good to have trustworthy and extensive knowledge on hand, if only to know which updates need to be installed.

I do the overall system administration remotely. For hardware problems I will come to your office location. My speciality is with the security of your network, Cloud systems etc.

Previously I have worked as a -hydraulics- lift engineer in the UK and the Netherlands, have extensive experience with electronics including smd, and lift control systems. My real enthusiasm is in finding faults and errors that nobody else can find, in computer systems.


Freelance Systeembeheer


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