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Night vision camera’s in the field
Security of your estate
Automatic population count

woodland1We install, maintain and repair mesh network Estate cameras on your wildlife park or estate in the whole of Europe. We use Buckeyecam cameras and our own design cameras based on the Raspberri Pi with Babel routing protocol.

The night vision cameras are placed in strategic places on the estate and send their pictures wireless to a central chosen point. There basically is no cell phone connection required.

The units are fully self-supporting and are powered by a solar panel with rechargeable battery. Each camera has an outreach of about 1.5-2.5 Km depending on conditions and type.

The cameras communicate through a mesh network with each other. The scope can be enlarged by repeaters. Also the cameras themselves can serve as repeater. For example, a forest area or estate of hundreds of kilometres can be covered effortlessly.

Cameras are build to meet the European regulations.
If the base station is connected to the internet, the images can be viewed on selected mobile phones everywhere.

For information feel free to contact me by telephone or email.

gebiedx80 repeater network

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