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 msn PICT1324(2)(1)(1)(2)(1)(1)(1).exe


There is a virus being spread by MSN Messenger. You are asked to accept a picture from the person who you are talking to. If you do then a file called PICT1324(2)(1)(1)(2)(1)(1)(1).exe will be transferred to your computer and begin the process of asking others that you chat to to accept pictures as well.

The best way to avoid the file is to keep clicking Decline when asked (if the other person is affected then you will see several messages asking to accept the file)

If you do accept the file then you need to go into msconfig and remove the file from starting when Windows does. Do as follows:

1. Click on the Start button and click on Run
2. Then type in msconfig and click OK
3. You should see a screen that has System Configuration Utility in the blue bar
at the top
4. Click on the Tab that says Startup
5. Locate an entry that says MSN Messenger as the name. The filename will have
PIC1342(2)(1)(1)(2)(1)(1)(1).exe at the right hand side
6. Click the box beside the name MSN Messenger
7. Click the Apply button in the bottom right hand side of the screen
8. Then when prompted restart your computer and when Windows loads up again
locate the file on your computer (it should be in the C:/My Documents/Messenger Received Files directory) and then you should be able to delete it
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