Wim Vos Automatisering

Freelance Systeembeheer in Velp/Arnhem

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Growing businesses often come to me with the request to expand their computer system, be it a Central Server, and/or additional workstations that work together in a network or a complete Office solution.

Of course I do my best to give thorough advice, however a new server is not always the best solution. Important is user convenience, back-up and security.
Working in the Cloud is excellent, but please hand your whole business not blatantly over to other Cloud companies without first having heard from me about the disadvantages.


What can you as a customer expect of me as your system administrator?

You can expect that you can do your your work on your computer without any problem.
I make sure your tool (your computer system) properly works, stay sharp and remains up to date.
If, in the unlikely case, something does not work, feel free to call me; and I will make it work.

I make sure that your computer system works efficiently and continues to work until the end of our agreement and no doubt long after.

If, unexpectedly, something goes wrong, I’ll fix it, usually within 4 hours after your call. Upon request I fully report what went wrong, why that could happen, and what has been done to prevent that in the future.


What do I expect from you as your system administrator?

I expect that you allow me to do your system management. I am your specialist in what I do. I give you my straight forward independent advice without obscure loopholes.

You are a specialist in what you do best. Let the cobbler stick to his last. That's not to say that you don't have to understand how your system works.
Only, I see that entrepreneurs often driven from a basic urge not to spend, try to do everything themselves and sometimes taking days trying to solve a computer problem what I could have solved in a minute.

If you, instead of trying it yourself had spend those hours on your own speciality, that what you do best, you could have easily paid me for that minute.
And it is solved much faster and without any frustration.

You tell me your wishes and I advise you the best or the cheapest solution, it remains your choice.
I am and remain independent of corporations and my advice is therefore clean and crisp.